My work is mostly concerned with duality. From the use of stark black and white to the mixture of religious, occult, and pop cultural references that I mobilize in my imagery I am constantly seeking to convey the line between one thing and another, and at times to break the line entirely. Much of my work is concentrated on the division between grotesque and approachable, striking a delicate balance that keeps the viewer intrigued. These works tend to focus heavily on detail as a way of conveying an uncomfortably close look a usually mundane object. Along with a disturbing look at the banal, absurd adaptations to seemingly normal situations help to push my work in a grotesque way which is only combatted by an illustrative style used to sever the viewer's preconception that the work is overly grim. In this way, my work also takes on a morbid humor and at times a more contemplative look at the absurd and the grotesque. 

My use of religious imagery comes from a family background in modern religion and a taste for the Northern Renaissance. I tend to allow the use of space, tone, and narrative flow in art historical contexts to inform my placement and inclusion of religious symbols, and then to generate fictive detail to be subversive of religious expectations. 

My current body of work is focused on expanding the ideas that most recently appeared in my "Obsequies of the Prophet (and the Fall of the King of a Thousand Crowns", playing with the ideas of the discursive dualities that appear in the understanding of Gothic fiction versus Gothic art and architecture.